If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our current Wayne::Tyler offering, don’t close the book. While Wayne::Tyler isn’t trying to be all things to all people, we are all ears when it comes to accommodating our customers with variations and iterations of our core product group so... it doesn’t hurt to ask.

A Word About Hycrete

As a standard in all Wayne::Tyler products, we provide a Hycrete additive for added corrosion resistance and freeze/thaw protection. Hycrete is recommended for marine and harsh weather environments and can be specified with anti-graffiti coating.

How Hycrete Works
Hydrophobic Pore Blocking. The polymers in Hycrete admixtures block pores in the concrete. The absorption of water in the concrete is dramatically reduced. Water and absorbed salts stay out of the concrete corrosion inhibition. Ionic in nature, the molecules in Hycrete admixtures bind to the surface of any steel reinforcement in the concrete, forming passivating layers and minimizing rebar corrosion. Hycrete admixtures also offer barrier diffusion of ions through water that absorb into the concrete, providing an extra layer of defense against corrosive agents and thereby giving superior rebar protection.
1. Reduced water absorption in concrete (% on y-axis). Hycrete admixtures keep water out of concrete.
2. Corrosion resistance climbs. Rebar iron loss falls greatly when compared to controls – or the industry’s leading incumbent inhibitor.
3. Barriering of chloride transmission. Hycrete admixtures prevent ions from moving through concrete.
4. Pulse velocity recovery (%) of cracked concrete with time.